"Super-clever, super-memorable songs for ukelele and violin, supported by outrageous costumes." - NY Theatre Review

"The arrangements here are resplendent...Sweet Soubrette is one of those rare bands who can transcend genres without sounding contrived or artificial. Ellia Bisker’s voice is one of the best, and her lyrics are second to none." - Midnight Calling

"You instantly fall in love with Ellia Bisker's vocals." - JP's Music Blog

"Lush, poignant, unselfconsciously brilliant songs." - New York Music Daily

“Absolutely haunting...evokes the feelings of not just a song but an old fashioned radio play.” - If It’s Too Loud

"Lush and dark on one track, upbeat and fun on another...clever lyrics, that sorrowful violin, and especially the rhythmic interplay...conspire to make something really special." - Talking Class Radio

“A bizarre, sweet love song.” - Bloggenstatt

"‘All my love letters are forged,’ sings Ellia Bisker, one of a series of biting admissions on a lovely, lush single awash with strings and horns. The ukulele is just a bonus." - Wicked Local ("22 Stellar Songs from 2012")

“Twistedly delicious...if you aren’t hooked on this by now, there’s no hope for you.” - New York Music Daily

"She continues to impress me with her smart songwriting and wonderfully dark sense of humor." - Largehearted Boy

“They’ve created the perfect balance of fun and frightening storytelling.” - The Ruckus (365 Days of New Music - Best of 2014)

"One of New York’s most intriguing songwriting forces...rock star command and intelligently crafted music." - The Deli

“A truly excellent story of a song.” - The Mary Sue

"Dark vaudeville-pop...sensational." - Philadelphia Inquirer